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black hand and heart
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Looks like we are behind! We never discussed the April chapters (8-9); I still have to read the last 20 of chapter 9. It is now the end of May, and we were supposed to read Chapters 10 and 11. And starting tomorrow we were supposed to start chapters 12-13. Do folks think they can get through chapters 13 by the last week of June? I would really like to stay on schedule, and I'm going to get back to this. Thanks!

Apr - Chapters 8-9
May - Chapters 10-11
Jun - Chapters 12-13
  • Funny you should mention that. Only once have I felt so incapacitated that I couldn't process advanced prose. I had a raging sinus infection; all the hollow spaces in my skull had been filled to capacity with liquid agony. I couldn't sleep; I couldn't read; I couldn't even understand television, which should tell you just how badly I was impaired.
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