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Talking About Stuff

A Study Group for Zinn's People's History
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The purpose of this journal is to create a forum for people who want to read Howard Zinn's book, A People's History of the United States. We will read about two chapters a month, with discussions reserved for the last week.

Here is the reading schedule:

Jan - Chapters 2-3
Feb - Chapters 4-5
Mar - Chapters 6-7
Apr - Chapters 8-9
May - Chapters 10-11
Jun - Chapters 12-13
Jul - Chapters 14-15
Aug - Chapters 16-17
Sep - Chapters 18-19
Oct - Chapters 20-21
Nov - Chapters 22-23
Dec - Chapters 24-25

Also, this is a closed community. You must be approved in order to participate. If you are interested in joining, please post a comment letting us know who you are, how you found out about the community, and why you want to join. Thanks.
a.peoples.history.of.the.united.states, history, howard zinn, politics, social change